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What is Emergence Care?

Dr. Steven Teagarden, developer of Emergence Care, explains the work.

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> What is Emergence Care?

Emergence Care is a totally unique healing art that combines elements of ancient traditions and practices, with modern science and philosophies. The result is a healing practice that is unlike anything available today in the realm of wellness and healthcare.

Emergence Care is subtle, yet powerful. As an Emergence Care Practitioner, I work with the subtle body — energetic fields and structures surrounding the outside of the physical body.

The work fosters a connection between the client and their highest, most essential Self. This essential Self is always present, but it becomes hidden beneath layers of physical and psychological armor, usually as a result of stress.

Emergence Care gradually, safely, strips away that armor and opens a person to receive the full potential and possibilities of their life. Tremendous healing can take place on all levels; physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. This happens with very little, if any, physical contact, no ritual, and no dialogue.

While the primary goal of Emergence Care is not to identify, treat or "fix" specific problems or symptoms, healing occurs naturally as you regain the ability to connect with your body's natural healing abilities.

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