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During a consultation
During a session
Between sessions
With continued care
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> Getting Started with Emergence Care

Getting Started with Emergence Care is as simple as calling me or emailing me to schedule an initial consultation and session:

Call (720) 295-7265 or email me at roy@roywilley.net

What to expect

During an initial consultation:

As with any care, it's important to be aware of your starting point when you begin. At your initial consultation with me, you'll complete a self-evaluation, and we'll talk about how you are right now and what you hope to gain from care.

I'll take note of things like posture, tension levels, and signs of physical armoring, so we can recognize when those things begin to change.

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During a session:

You'll lie on a treatment table, fully clothed, usually face-down, while the session is in progress. Since Emergence Care focuses on the energetic structures outside of the body, the work involves very little physical contact, if any at all. A regular session lasts about 45 minutes to an hour.

As latent energy becomes active, the physical body responds in predictable ways. Deep tension begins to dissipate. The breath opens up. Muscles relax. Posture softens.

The body will often begin to move in gentle, specific ways as the system reorganizes to a more peaceful state. Usually this movement develops over time with continued care. While movement is typical, it's not necessary for the body to move to receive the benefits of Emergence Care.

Other experiences you may have during a session include emotional release, deep relaxation, a sense of lightness, and non-ordinary states of consciousness.

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Between sessions:

You may experience the effects of a session long after it has ended, as the body continues to integrate the work. You may feel the urge to stretch and breathe more deeply. You may experience the spine readjusting (popping or cracking) as reflexive tension around the bones relaxes.

Early in care, you may feel sleepy following a session as the body becomes accustomed to a more relaxed baseline state. As care progresses, the body tends to feel energized following a session.

You may feel old symptoms and emotions temporarily resurface as they work their way back out of the unconscious. This is natural and healthy, and will subside as stored tension and emotions are allowed to process and release.

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With continued care:

The effects of Emergence Care are cumulative and progressive. With continued care, your body system begins to function more of the time at a higher level of efficiency. Chronic tension and physical armoring typically begin to release. Posture improves, and with that, the process of spinal degeneration can begin to reverse.

Although Emergence Care practitioners don't focus on treating symptoms or "fixing" what is "wrong" with you, recipients commonly experience a reduction and/or cessation of symptoms and conditions.

As deep tension dissipates, aches and pains that have been with you for as long as you can remember begin to fade into the background. Situations that have been a source of frustration aren’t so bothersome. Making clearer decisions and focusing your attention happens with less effort, without having your mind wander through a maze of hardwired patterns.

In a sense, releasing tension off the brain and spinal chord allows the nervous system to play different software, allowing the mind to more easily choose for states of peace and acceptance, and enabling your body's natural healing abilities to emerge.

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Benefits of ongoing care:

These are some of the results commonly reported by clients:

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